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The Irish Charts - All there is to know
  • Why don't the Charts go back prior to 1962?

    The Irish Charts were first broadcast on RTE on October 1st 1962. Previous charts were printed in the Evening Herald from 1959 and we are currently debating whether these should be treated as "official" charts and therefore included on

  • Are you going to print a book of the Irish Charts?

    We looked at the idea of publishing a book and decided that the only way it would be economically feasible would be if it was heavily supported by advertising and even then the retail price would have been too high.
    So we decided to make all our archives available for free on this website.
    This does not mean that a book will never be published, just not for the foreseeable future.

  • Are you going to create a website of the Albums Charts archives?

    Our information for pre - 1992 album charts is patchy and unreliable.
    An albums charts archives website is on our list of things to do but it is not a high priority for us at the moment.

  • Why aren't previous years' Certification awards published on the website?

    We are at present compiling pre - 2005 lists of certification awards. Please check again soon.

  • On average, how many copies does a single need to sell in order to be in the Top 10?

    Sales figures are private and confidential and only disclosed to IRMA members. Furthermore, sales for a Top 10 place will vary from week to week, depending on that week's releases.

  • How can we get hold of "The Larry Gogan Book of Irish Charts Hits"?

    Larry Gogan's book covers the Singles Charts for the period 1962 to 1983 and has been out of print for some time.

  • There are mistakes in the data!

    Well, although we have tried to ensure that all data was accurate, we do realise that errors may occur. Should you come across an error and your alternative is verifiable, we will be happy to amend our records.
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